A Stormy Night In The Badlands (Part 1)

We’ve driven over 2,000 miles across the country to end up in the Badlands of South Dakota! Seeing these incredible geological deposits is astounding. They are beautiful and  mysterious, practically begging you to ask, what was Manifest Destiny truly all about? What prompted the first American pioneers to want to claim even the most hostile of lands like the Badlands and make it their own? I’ve yet to arrive at the answers. 


Nevertheless, we decided to make the most of our time there. The first night, we camped in a campground inside the park. We chose a spot furthest away from everyone (as we always do) and happily settled in. We noticed there was a bit of a breeze going, but didn’t think much of it. As we sat down to dinner, the slight breeze turned into full-blown strong winds and we could see an impressive lightning show in the distance. By the time we tried to settle in for he night, our camper was rocking terribly! It was being pushed around by the wind so much, that Matthew and I actually moved everyone out of the camper and into the car for safety. We looked up the weather and, apparently,  a severe storm had developed. Winds were gusting between 45-50mph (yikes!).  Then the heavy rains came. There was nothing left to do but wait the storm out and pray that our camper didn’t blow over.

Thankfully, after two hours, the wind died down and all we had to deal with was the rain. When morning came, it was as if the storm never happened. The sun shone brightly and the Badlands looked completely untouched. 

My boys were back to running around and climbing.

They even made friends with another sweet little boy in the campground named Logan. 


 Baby girl got her chance to run around too. She spotted some beautiful wild horses in the distance and tried to run after them! 

After breakfast, we packed up and decided to head to a remote part of the park where there is no cell signal, no amenities, and where the buffaloes roam. 



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